How does the inverter work?

2021-02-21 12:06 ROVO POWER

How does the inverter work?

The inverter works by using a unidirectional DC power supply to simulate an alternating current (AC) power supply. Electronic inverters are essentially oscillators that quickly switch the polarity of a DC power source, which effectively generates a square wave.

Because most consumer electronics require closer functionality to true sine waves, most inverters include additional components that can produce modified or pure sine waves.

When do I need a car inverter?

People who spend a lot of time on the road need inverters. These devices are particularly suitable for people traveling long distances, camping, business trips, off-road truck drivers and other similar applications.

Some devices (such as mobile phones and laptops) can be used with 12v accessories and can be plugged directly into a cigarette lighter or accessory jack. However, any electronic device that requires AC input requires an inverter. Some of the equipment you can run with a car inverter include:


DVD and Blu-ray players



Cooking equipment

electrical tools

What type of car inverter?

There are many different types of inverters.

Modified sine wave

These inverters are more affordable of the two. The "modified sine waves" they produce are very good for most consumer electronics, so they work well in many different applications.

Pure sine wave

These tend to be more expensive, but the sine waves they produce are closer to the AC power source of a home electrical outlet. Some devices, such as an uninterruptible power supply, may not work properly without a stable, pure sine wave, but most consumer electronics products work without power.

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